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Key figures on Energy – Market Observatory for Energy

The Commission has pubished a very interesting document  with Key figures on Energy policy which is the work of the Market Obsservatory for Energy.

Key interesting numbers are:

– Oil, gas and coal account for more than 80% of world energy production – renewables are at 13% and nuclear at 6%

– the EU produces 48% of its energy needs however,  EU dependecy on imports is increasing.


– EU dependency on oil imports at 83.5% in2009 and 64% for gas

– EU depends on a few suppliers for its oil and gas supplies.

– Imports for Gas: Russia 34%, Noway 31%, Algeria 14%, Qatar 5%, Libya 3%, Nigeria 2%, Egypt 2%, other 9%

– Imports for oil : OPEC 35%, Russia 33 %, Norway 15%, Kazakhstan 5%, Azerbaijan 4%, other 8%

– energy dependency of oil strongly differs among MS – MT,LU, CY at nearly 100% imports, UK has the lowerst dependency at 8.6% and Denmark the only MS net exporter

– energy dependency of gas strongly differs among MS – LV, SK, CZ, PT,FR,LT , LU , GR…at about 100% imports, UK has the lowerst dependency at 30%, RO at 15% and Denmark and Netherlands  the only MS net exporters

– Quasi stability of energy consumption in EU between 1990-2009 – hides a strong decline in coal consumption(-41%) while the consumption of renewables and gas gre55% oil, w by 116% and 41% respectively

– Energy mix strongly varies per MS – e.g Malta 100% oil, Estonia less than 20% oil. CY 95% oil, 5% RES –  GR 55% oil, 12% gas, coal 25% and 6% reneables ??? check

– EU Consumption: industry 24%, transport 33 %, households 27%, services 13%, agri 2%

_ consumption of energy by trnasport has increased by 31% in last 20yrs – fastest growing sector

– Energy production: heavy decrease coal, leveling off for gas, oil and RES increase by 111%

– 2/3 of total primary energy production in the EU comes from 5 MS: UK (mainly oil), FR (mainly nuclear) ,DE (mainly coal and nuclear) PL (almost all coal) , NL ( mainly gas)

– Electricity generation: gas and RES are more and more contributing to the electricity generation in the EU (coal 26%, gas 23%, oil 3%, nuclear 28%, RES 18%)

– RES – contribute to electricity from RES varies between MS – AT 68% electricity from RES others much less

– Nuclear – 15 MS produce electricity from nuclear energy, with FR having the highest share at 76%- DE 23%, UK 18%

– Coal – Share of coal in national electricity production – PL, EE 88%, GR 55%, DE 42%, UK 28%

– OIL – share of oil in electricity production CY, MT 98%, GR 16%, UK & FR & DE 3%





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