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The far right in Greece: Dawn or Dusk?

A questions and answers session with Dr. Tryfon Bampilis What are the facts about the Golden Dawn party in Greece? Is it a neo-Nazi party? What can we expect in the future? These and other very interesting questions were discussed during a seminar organized by SEESOX[1] at St Antony’s College, Oxford that took place on the … Continue reading

Community workers in Cyprus – the facts

The recent tragic death of a Romanian mother in front of her 5 year old son in conditions of extreme poverty has reignited discussions on the role of Community workers in Cyprus. Let me start by saying how saddened I am by this tragedy. Unfortunately, most of the discussion is about the nationality of the … Continue reading

Today: An insider’s view of the Eurozone crisis from Cyprus – by M.Sarris Lecture

Former Finance Minister of Cyprus – will be giving a lecture at St.Antony’s College, Oxford University on the  27th of January at 17:00. The discussant will be Max Watson – Director of the Political Economy Programme (PEFM) here at St.Antony’s and I will be chairing the event. It is a co-organised event by SEESOX (South … Continue reading

The European Energy Forum 2014 – EUCERS event – London 16th January

The European Centre for Energy and Resources Security (EUCERS) of King’s College, London University and the International Business and Diplomatic Exchange (IBDE) are organising “The European Energy Forum” on the 16th of January. I will be participating in the Plenary Session Discussion on “the Southern Gas Corridor and Natural Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean: Opportunities … Continue reading

Cyprus continues to have a very low representation of women in top jobs.

What is causing such a low representation of women in political and managerial posts in Cyprus? Cypriot Women are among the most educated in Europe but they have a very low representation in political and managerial posts. The poll below aims to find out if people think this is a problem or not. Please complete the … Continue reading

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