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Turkey’s geo-strategic energy links with Russia

Androulla Kaminara

This paper examines Turkey’s increasing dependency on Russian energy exports.

Turkey aspires to become an energy hub for supply to Europe. This would, on the one hand, increase its energy security and on the other, will ensure that it has sufficient energy for its own needs which will be partly guaranteed by the fact that the pipelines would go through its own territory.[1] At the same time, it will provide it with the financial benefit from the lucrative market of transit fees and will increase its geostrategic importance for Europe and the world.

Turkey is the only significant European market where there is an increase of demand of natural gas. BOTAŞ, which is the state-owned crude oil and natural gas pipelines and trading company of Turkey forecasts the increase of demand from 45Bcm/year to about 81 Bcm/year by 2030. Even though certain analysts consider this to be an overestimation, it…

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