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The Gender Dimension Of Energy Policy

Originally posted on Androulla Kaminara:
My new opinion piece published by @SEESOX St. Antony’s College Oxford 201507 SEESOX the_gender_dimensions_of_energy_policy

Energy politics: Empowerment or dependency

http://seesoxcentral.blogspot.co.uk Monday, 2 February 2015 Energy Politics: Empowerment or dependency David Madden (Senior Member, St Antony’s College, Oxford)The second seminar in the series Global South East Europe in a multi-polar world, “Energy Politics: Empowerment or dependency” took place on 28 January. Konstantinos Filis (Institute of International Relations, Athens) spoke about trends in the European gas market, … Continue reading

Lecture: Is EU development policy still relevant? Why and what for? – 10Nov. 17:00 St.Antony’s Oxford

ESC Seminar: Is European Union development policy still relevant? Why and what for? Fernando Frutuoso Di Melo (European Commission, Director General for Development and Cooperation (DEVCO)) Discussant: Emily Jones (Global Economic Governance Programme, Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford) Chair: Kalypso Nicolaïdis (St Antony’s College, Oxford) Convenor: Androulla Kaminara (Principal Advisor, European Commission (DEVCO)) Monday 10th … Continue reading

SEESOX Sept. Newsletter is out – see my article on the year as Academic Visitor to St.Antony’s College Oxford

http://www.sant.ox.ac.uk/seesox/newsletter/Review2014.pdf South East European Studies at Oxford The SEESOX Review No. 10 September 2014 Prime Minister Edi Rama delivers the SEESOX Annual Lecture on reinventing politics in the Balkans Inside this issue: SEESOX Annual Lecture 1 SEESOX News Bites 2 Letter from the Director 2 Greekovery? 3 Visiting Fellows: 4 In their own words Politics … Continue reading

Austerity and its impact on women: the case study of Greece

Two prominent scholars – Dr. Maria Startigaki and Dr. Maria Kalimessini both from Panteion University Athens –  will address the impact of  the austerity measures implemented in Europe on gender equality. They will advocate that the measures taken risk losing past progress towards gender equality by undermining important employment and social welfare protections and putting gender … Continue reading

Aid on the edge of Chaos – review of Ben Ramalingam’s book

Book review of “Aid on the Edge of Chaos”   by Ben Ramalingam Oxford University Press http://aidontheedge.info/quotes/#comment-41748 Summary:  This book is a remarkable collection of knowledge and scientific research on foreign aid. It advocates for less prescriptive and more fluid, dynamic and flexible foreign aid that recognises the complexity of the real world and does … Continue reading

Austerity and the impact on women: the case study of Greece – a Seminar on the 19th of June in St.Antony’s

Originally posted on Androulla Kaminara:
On the 19th of June I have the pleasure of convening and chairing a seminar on austerity and the gender implications on women. This seminar will look particularly on the impact on women in Greece. Two very prominent experts on this will be presenting their views – Dr Maria Stratigaki…

Πρόταση για την κατανομή του πλούτου από το φυσικό αέριο της Κύπρου

Originally posted on Androulla Kaminara:
  Απλή λύση σ’ ένα πολύπλοκο πρόβλημα – Το «μοντέλο Αλάσκας» για την κατανομή του πλούτου από τους υδρογονάνθρακες της Κύπρου* Συνήθως οι απλές λύσεις είναι οι καλύτερες για πολύπλοκα προβλήματα, ίδιαίτερα εάν πρόκειται για προβλήματα που αφορούν πολύ κόσμο. Μία απλή λύση έχει το προτέρημα ότι μπορεί να γίνει…

Turkey’s geo-strategic energy links with Russia

Originally posted on Androulla Kaminara:
This paper examines Turkey’s increasing dependency on Russian energy exports. Turkey aspires to become an energy hub for supply to Europe. This would, on the one hand, increase its energy security and on the other, will ensure that it has sufficient energy for its own needs which will be partly…

We should not just fight for increased numbers of women in posts but for more women where the real power exists

Inequality, women’s rights and inclusive growth A few days ago I attended a lecture given by the executive Director of Oxfam International Mrs. Winnie Byanyima who gave the Audrey Richards Commemorative Lecture at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University. I decided to write about what she said since it was a very interesting and inspiring lecture … Continue reading

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